Weekend of Webinars! (WOW!)

Weekend of Webinars (WOW!) Training Course!

Note: cutoff time is noon, ET, Friday, October 19


1. Live Training Webinars


October 19-21, 2018

Friday… 7 pm

  • Options Fundamentals
  • Setting up Charts
  • Trader Alex’s Trading Log/Calculator


Saturday… 10 am

  • Placing Trades
  • Support & Resistance
  • Chart Patterns


Saturday… 1 pm

  • Greeks You Need to Know
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Q & A


Sunday… 3 pm

  • Hugh’s Bread and Butter Strategy
  • Hugh’s ‘Out of the Morning Gate’ (OMG) Strategy
  • Q & A


Sunday… 7 pm

  • Repairing Trades Gone Bad
  • Money Management
  • Q & A


All times are Eastern Time

Each session is about an hour and a half and includes a Q & A period

Each session is recorded and available for at least 3 months.


2. Pick any 7 Mix and Match Videos/e-Books


Pick any 7 of the following:

Click here to pick from this list of High Performance Training Webinars

Click here to pick from Hugh’s Engaging e-books

Send us your picks… any 7… mix and match… videos and e-books!

3. Join us for 2 Live Trading Room Sessions


You will be invited to 2 live afternoon Trading Room sessions in November!




Cost: $1,700


Recorded High Performance Training Videos (access for at least 6 months)

  • Options Fundamentals
  • Setting up Charts (TD Ameritrade Think or Swim®)
  • Placing a Trade
  • Support and Resistance
  • Chart Patterns
  • Hugh’s Bread and Butter Strategy
  • ‘Out of the Morning Gate’ (OMG) Strategy
  • Repairing Trades Gone Bad
  • Greeks You Need to Know
  • Mental Aspects of Trading
  • Money Management



Hugh’s Engaging e-Books

  • Bread and Butter Strategy
  • Enhanced Bread and Butter Strategy
  • Three Solid Entry Points
  • Support and Resistance
  • Repairing Trades Gone Bad
  • Rules to Turn $1k into $100k in 1 Year
  • Solid Gold
  • Options Trading: It’s All in Your Head
  • Hugh’s Trading Plan Spreadsheet
  • Quarter Million Dollar Month



Some Answered Questions:


Q. Can I pay in installments or at a later date?

A. You can arrange payments with PayPal Credit, which is an excellent program to get you started right away. We do not provide credit, ourselves. Payment must be made before taking the course.


Q. What kind of support do I get?

A. If you subscribe to the Inner Circle, you will receive email support.


Q. What is the program’s success rate?

A. Very high. While it would be impossible to get exact numbers, many of our clients, from newbies to seasoned pros, send us testimony to their success. Now in our 9th year of business, we know what works and what does not, both in trading and training.


Q. If I have any questions before I purchase, what’s the best way to contact you?

A. The quickest response will come through e-mail; the slowest over the telephone. The most comprehensive answers may be with a ‘one on one’ session. Feel free to book one here, at your convenience.


Q. Are there any refunds?

A. Sorry, the material is proprietary and therefore, we do not issue refunds. Please be sure you want this but know that you will quickly forget the cost when you see the value!


Q. What’s the difference between the WOW and the Ultimate Training Course?

A. Lots. The WOW is a lighter version of the Ultimate Course. Whereas you get the entire library of videos and e-books with the Ultimate, you receive 7 with the WOW. The Ultimate Course has you in the Trading Room for 2 months, whereas the WOW is only 2 sessions. Furthermore, you get priority email support with the Ultimate Course… not so with the WOW. (Actually, I’m sure you’ll be supported, no worries… just might not be as fast.)   So the WOW is still an excellent source of information and inspiration, no question, but the lighter version is also reflected in a less expensive program.


Q. I already took courses; will it be worth signing up for the WOW program?

A. Our courses change over time with new material added, old discarded if it’s no longer relevant. You may undoubtedly know material already but you should be looking for those nuggets of information you did not know before or didn’t think important. Even if you benefit from one or two kernels of hidden gems you didn’t know before, it could mean a huge difference in your trading. We’ve seen exactly that… someone would discover the validity of a key indicator they dismissed early and suddenly they’re making money. This is a question only you can answer but we recommend it to stay current in the business. Over time, we tend to forget things; continuing education keeps you sharp.



In Addition…

Inner Circle and Trading Room Subscribers


Highly recommended for continuing educations…  subscribers get email support

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