I am so often confronted with people looking for that magic bullet, that secret sauce that will transform them from neophytes, novices, nothings…. into master traders to conquer the world. They want a short term fix, an e-book or a SnapChat® video of how to do it. They poke at the freebies, trials and maybe even splurge on a monthly subscription, only to be disappointed when they don’t get the results they were expecting. Of course, some even blame me for ineffective training. lol

Look, there is no fast pass to this. There’s no jumping the queue or a quick fix that will suddenly make you rich. Why? Because you are dealing with human emotion, which is usually counter intuitive to what you need to do. For example, you get into a trade, making money but you keep edging your sell price higher until it caps and reverses. Now you’re chasing it down, often times selling for less than your purchase price. Is that the sign of an expert trader? Did you know where to exit the positions? If so, why didn’t you? Emotion overrules all senses when it comes to love and trading. Think about that for a second. If you lose your wits on either front, you are bound to lose somewhere on that path.

Training is a process that you simply must undertake with a full commitment. There is no getting around the learning process and the experience to ride shotgun with a pro trader who will guide you along the way. We offer an incredible experience with ‘Hugh’s Trading Room’, where you will watch and listen to everything I am looking at and contemplating to trade. The news, world events, setups, opportunities, entries and exits… it’s all there. No stone is left untouched. Because of the many factors affecting stock and option prices, the only way you can master this business is to engage and attend these Trading Room sessions, where you will be exposed to as many factors as possible.

Eventually, it will suddenly all make sense… and you’ll be richer for it.


Good trading!


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