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TNT Training Webinars/Videos – 2019

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  • delivers the utmost in training on specific topics
  • fast track coaching for immediate results
  • interactive, fast paced, powerful sessions
  • affordable pricing for ‘pay as you go’; no long term commitments
  • each topic presented in concise hour long format
  • master all components and expect to earn extraordinary returns
  • each webinar presented by Head Trader Hugh
  • recorded and available for at least 6 months
  • purchase all 10 and get the Q & A session for FREE



1. Options Fundamentals

Understanding this derivative with all its rights and obligations, calls and puts, options chains and which ones to trade, who controls them, how they are priced, and more.




2. Setting Up Charts / Placing Trades (2 hour long video set plus 2 shorter Tastyworks sessions)

Save time and effort with properly set up charts, platform tricks and traps, placing trades on our preferred tools: TD Ameritrade Think or Swim® and Tastyworks®, and more. 




3. Support and Resistance

Why you need to know them, how they are formed, how to calculate and use them effectively to estimate expected and potential returns on your investment, and more.




4. Chart Patterns

Several incredible chart patterns that we use every day, how to interpret them, how they are formed, what to expect when they manifest themselves, and more.




5. Bread and Butter Strategy

Key indicators provide extraordinary gains when you master this methodology. Some of our customers have seen significant gains in the past using this simple yet effective method.*


* Past results are not indicative of future performance.



6 ‘Out of the Morning Gate’ (OMG) Strategy

Our exclusive strategy that just seems to work extremely well on a daily basis, especially for traders unable to watch the market all day. The power is in its simplicity.*


* Past results are not indicative of future performance.



7 Scalping Strategy

Love to trade in and out for modest 3-4% gains, multiple times a day? Adrenal rushing and overall profitability of scalping, in our opinion, is most exciting!. Not for the faint of heart.*


* Past results are not indicative of future performance.



8. Repairing Trades Gone Bad

We all have them: trades that go bad. This is the trick to success, knowing how to pull your loser trades out of the fire. This is one hour you cannot afford to miss!




9. Greeks You Need to Know

Understand these key Greeks and how they factor into pricing models; Greeks differentiate options from other derivatives, how they interrelate and how to manage them.




10. Confidence

How do our top performing members do it? With confidence. Learn how to develop and trade with confidence with every trade… instantly see the improvement in your bottom line!




11. Money Management Techniques (included with the purchase of the other videos)

Above all else, proper money management is key. Hugh presents his take on managing money to understand the risks so you can avoid making costly trading mistakes.




12. Questions and Answers (included with the purchase of the other videos)

Our TNT Training Program took us to an extended session with this exciting Q & A session… FREE with the purchase of the other 10 videos!

Now you have all the tools.

Bring it all together with the Inner Circle and the Trading Room.

No excuses not to make money!




Pick your webinars and purchase below at $99 each, but ONLY until midnight, ET, May 22





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Even if you know much of the material, learning just one kernel of information you did not know before could mean the difference between profits and losses.


“Traders: this is truly explosive! You need this!”        ~ Hugh


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