A bold statement, for sure, but it’s true. Most trading rooms do not work for many reasons.

I’ve been involved in others’ trading rooms some years ago, as I’m sure many of you have. One common deficiency is the lack of proper leadership.The moderator should be experienced, consistently profitable and should be able to hold the group together, especially when the stock turns on you. This person needs to be a people person who understands and is empathetic towards the members, but also one who will not mince words when they recognize a bad trade. Trouble is, most trading rooms de facto leader is the one who is the most charismatic, regardless of trading skills. When they shout ‘dump, dump dump’, watch the entire group bail out like a house on fire. I’ve seen that happen only to realize that traders are like sheep with lots of money.

Another issue with trading rooms is that they become drop in centers. Come and go as you please. Whoever is on line has control of the meeting. They become coffee clubs with no real meaning, no concrete direction. Talk is meaningless and trades are disjointed. For these and other such reasons, most trading rooms simply do not last long, especially when members fall away after losing their money.

We are completely different. We recognize these weaknesses and set ourselves apart. No, we are not some democracy in trading. We know what works and what doesn’t. We will say things you may not like but need to hear. We will guide you through trades under full narration. We talk about relevant things that matter to the trades; idle chatter only when markets are calm. We discuss news, world events and trade setups. We seek to enter positions, take our profits and be gone to do other things.

For that reason, our success is now in its 7th year. We have hosted almost 600 Live Trading with the Pros sessions and are well underway with Hugh’s Trading Room, both designed to make you into a highly successful trader.

The only real way to show we mean business is to try it…. check them both out on our web site and go ahead, put some skin in the game. If nothing else, you will learn things about the market you never knew!


Head Trader Hugh

February, 2017

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