Most people find day trading SPY options to be refreshingly different. Many of my students come from a complex background, trading butterflies, straddles, strangles, married puts, covered calls, condors and other spreads. Some come from the formal investment world themselves, even the trade floor. So why do they join me? They often cannot believe that it doesn’t have to be complex, and that simple is good. It’s all about making money, is it not? Sometimes I think the pundits make it complicated to protect their turf or to up sell you on expensive courses. it need not be difficult.

So why is SPY options so attractive? First of all, SPY covers all the sectors, all the best stocks. Totally diversified, you will not have to do any time consuming premarket scans. No more checking the options for liquidity and other Greeks, making sure you can exit a position easily, should you buy in. You don’t even have to be cognizant of corporate news or company fundamentals. What a relief to know that given certain key news items and some basic technical knowledge, you can apply that skill to earn a modest 6% per trade. Replicate that several times a day and you’re making some serious money.

All you need is SPY, a stable, predictable and very lucrative – even forgiving – stock. Paper trade the strategy 20 times to develop habits, then transition into real money. Once your eyes habitually cover the key indicators, making money is almost automatic. Become the specialist and others will even flock to you.

Of course, we teach all this and those who go through the course report in double digit daily gains. There is no reason you cannot be one of them. But do budget time, effort and money and master a skill to enjoy a lifetime, even transferable to your kids!

Want to know more? Simply request our introductory e-book, ‘Kick Ass SPY Options with Trader Hugh’.

Happy Trading!


Head Trader Hugh

March, 2017



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