Spring Training Camp

We get it… in both options trading and training. We know what works. This works.


Learn to day trade SPY options now!


You will receive:

10 High Performance Training Webinars

  • each fast moving, topical and loaded to teach you everything we do ourselves to successfully trade options
  • hour long videos available for at least 6 months online


Friday, June 8

  • 5 pm:   Options Fundamentals
    • understanding this derivative’s rights and obligations
    • calls and puts, what they are, when to use which
    • options chains, which to use for risk, which for rewards
    • who controls them, how they are priced, and more!
  • 7 pm:   Setting up Charts (TD Ameritrade Think or Swim™)
    • save time and effort with properly set up ‘tools’
    • platform tricks and traps
    • using our superior but simple indicators
    • set up mobile alerts, and more!
  • 9 pm:   Placing Trades on Think or Swim™ and TastyWorks™
    • setting up the trade screen
    • how to efficiently purchase options
    • placing effective sell orders
    • interpreting level II orders, and more!


Saturday, June 9

  • 10 am:   Support and Resistance
    • what are they, how are they formed
    • using multiple time frames
    • how to analyze them effectively to determine trade potential
    • estimate your gains and even when to expect profits, and more!
  • 1 pm:   Chart Patterns
    • learn to identify several patterns for high probability trades
    • what traders are thinking to make them form as they do
    • how to interpret them using divergences
    • set up the ‘yellow brick road’ for greater gains, and more!
  • 3 pm:   Greeks
    • key Greeks we use and how they fit into the pricing model
    • understand the inter-relationship between them
    • gain confidence knowing how to use them in your favor
    • master your price predictability, and more!


Sunday, June 10 

  • 3 pm:   Strategies 1
    • master the ‘Bread and Butter’ methodology for confident trade
    • tackle the $1k to $100k challenge with Hugh’s Trading Plan
    • questions and answers
  • 5 pm: Strategies 2
    • be stunned with the ‘OMG’ (Out of the Morning Gate) system
    • explode your odds with the ‘Probability of Profit’ (ProP) checklist, and more!
    • questions and answers
  • 7 pm: Repairing Trades
    • wait, fix or sell for a loss: learn what to do when
    • learn when it is the ideal time to make the repair
    • how to profit even more when the market turns on you
    • money management techniques you must have, and more!
  • 9 pm: Mental Aspects: putting it all together
    • learn to park  your emotions of fear, greed and ego
    • exercise your patience and discipline to weather the storms
    • understand the nature of this business to roll with the flow
    • goal setting and skills for lifelong success, and more!


Your cost: $1,800


In addition, you may be eligible for a discount.

Took the Ultimate Training Course in the last 6 months? Your cost: $1,000    Contact Hugh for the discounted link.


All webinars conducted through easy access GoToWebinar®

All times are Eastern Time

Guarantee: 100% you will lose your money if you do not know what you are doing trading options. Sorry, we do not give refunds once the proprietary material is delivered. We will, however, help you in any way possible to help you become successful.

Payments made be made through PayPal®, credit/debit cards (through PayPal) and PayPal credit




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