‘Informative, inspiring, entertaining, engaging’… just some of the words I heard from participants used to describe my Trading Room.

This one’s different from anything you’ve seen before. We don’t waste time; if there’s nothing happening, we wrap it up. Our sessions generally last 30-45 minutes but may go longer if there is a reason to. I fully narrate everything I see and study. Chart patterns, news, upcoming events, everything. When a setup occurs, which is most every session, we get into a trade. It could be my own real trades or on paper. We enter a position, work it up and exit, usually during the entire session… and we make money!

We trade longer term, safe trades as well as expiration day trades, whatever strikes our fancy at the time. We take questions on this interactive session, yet still maintaining everyone’s privacy. This is a superb learning tool as your delve into your trades, yet you do not ever have to be alone. We are right there with you, analyzing, supporting or otherwise suggesting that you just might be in a bad position. Honestly, I do not tell you what you want to hear; I tell you what you need to hear. If I see a freight train coming down the tracks, you betcha I’ll be all over you!

Our Trading Room covers everything you need to know, but you should make it a habit. Daily attendance ensures that you are exposed to all you can in the market. We schedule sessions in both mornings and afternoons, thereby getting a wide spectrum of trading experience.

in addition, we work my Trading Plan, designed to take $1k into $100k in less than a year. The group observes everything we do and they just love when we post the results on the spreadsheet. It only gets more interesting as time goes on… get in now to witness it first hand. Click here for details

Want to try it? If you ask nicely, I may even send you a complimentary invite!  🙂


Head Trader Hugh

January, 2017


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