There is always a reason to not do something, especially when it requires a sacrifice. Learning to trade is no different.

Consider the cost of ignorance if you don’t get training. One trade can wipe out your account. Why risk it?

Today, not having money to learn to earn is no excuse. PayPal has an amazing offer for any purchase over $99…  no interest, no payments if paid in full within 6 months. Do what many traders do, even if you can afford it: pay with PayPal credit. It’s free money. Sign up with PayPal credit for quick, easy approval, let PayPal pay for all your training, then pay PayPal back from your earnings! This is the most generous offer I’ve even seen since my Uncle Nick offered me free tuition if I go away to school. In hindsight, I think my Uncle Nick just wanted me to go away!

Click here for details on PayPal credit. Purchase the Ultimate Training Course and learn to trade on someone else’s dime! In the words of a recent student: “It’s awesome!”

~ Hugh

November, 2017