We are proud to say we hosted the longest running live trading room with regards to day trading SPY options, and likely any other trading, to the best of our knowledge.

It was seven years ago we started Live Trading with the Pros on a lark. “Let’s try it and see what happens”, said Hugh, when pressed to host this twice weekly event. Almost 700 sessions later, it is still going strong but the trading boys need a break. Hugh, Burt and Bob have been through many a market mayhem, but they still traded their own real accounts, every Tuesday and Thursday morning. They must have done something right; most traders lose their money in the first year and they are out of the game. Not these cowboys.

Live Trading with the Pros subscribers will be rolled into Hugh’s Trading Room, a daily event at 9:20 am ET. In this venue, Hugh hosts the session, narrating everything the market is doing, describing all relevant news and indicators he is studying. When a trade sets up, he’s in, often for a few minutes, making money just about every session. Hugh’s Trading Room lasts only 30-45 minutes, is very task oriented and participants look forward to these ‘events’.

Live Trading with the Pros could not have succeeded without the participation of so many traders. Thank you all for having your confidence with us. It wasn’t always a winning day; we certainly had some moments, but we persevered as did many of our members. We had some traders on since day 1, thank you. We also had some who had passed away but will always be remembered… Stan, Jimmie and Mahipal. Thanks for watching over us from above!

In due course, we will be back.  🙂


Dale Ann

April, 2018