Consider options trading a hobby and it will pay you as such. Treat it as the business that it is, and it will reward you accordingly. As you can imagine, my business of both trading and teaching people to trade consumes much of my time… no complaints, I love every minute of it. But business people by nature need to be always creative and positive. For that reason, we also need to take time out to recharge…. do fun things, mindless things, get away totally from everything, including email, the internet and social media. Through this practice we can bring you the best in both trading and training with no burn out, as often is experienced by people who do not recognize the need for breaks.

Take time away periodically in your own trading to recharge. With our system, there is no homework the night before or even early morning stock scans. You need not be tied into constant news feeds and read endless analysts’ reports. When you trade, focus entirely on your trading, but when you’re done, close shop and get away from it. Do not be concerned about what you ‘could have made’ or ‘left on the table’… let other people enjoy profit runs!

Taking time for yourself to recharge will result in better trades and more self care, a win-win situation all around.


Head Trader Hugh

February, 2017

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