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What started as Hugh’s personal trading soon turned to folks coercing him into teaching them his methodology. Hugh loves the written word and eventually he created these outstanding references. Each was written to be rapidly absorbed and applied. Each is topical, concise and timely, with yearly updates. Where examples may be dated, rest assured, the meaning continues to be just as relevant as ever.

We fast track you to profit. Hugh’s exemplary eBooks are just part of the process to success. Read them all. Read them often. Take heed.

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Kick Ass SPY Options with Trader Hugh

See how Hugh’s own financial guru’s mishandling of his retirement account inspired him to learn trading. Turned out for the better as Hugh is now more successful than he ever imagined possible. Read this easy brief and see if options trading is something for you. Making money on the market is not that difficult, if you know how!

Bonus! Hugh’s Top 25 Greatest Tips, Tricks and Traps

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Hugh’s Bread and Butter Strategy

This is Hugh’s first e-book written by popular demand, to discuss key indicators to obtain extraordinary gains. It assumes the reader has a basic understanding of stock options. If not, we suggest joining some training sessions. Many of our customers have earned substantial gains in a given day trading this outstanding strategy in the past, while controlling risk.*

* Past results are not indicative of future performance.


Hugh’s Enhanced Bread and Butter Strategy

Further to the previous e-book, this report discusses a couple key indicators Hugh uses to obtain exceptional gains in the market. This invokes that ‘wow’ factor, a special combination of faith, confidence and patience, to produce extraordinary results. Many of our customers have been very pleased with their results utilizing this approach!*

* Past results are not indicative of future performance


Three Solid Entry Points

Not sure when to enter a position? Never be at a loss again or enter at the end of a trend after absorbing this material. We have three great methods of entry, so you can always be ready to ‘pull the trigger’ when opportunities present themselves. Learn to dance with the ebb and flow of your stocks and take full advantage!



Hugh’s Support and Resistance

Imagine knowing with fair precision where a stock price is headed! Can you make money with that skill? No where is support and resistance more evident than in the stock market. If nothing else, commit this to memory and you will have more tools to help make you a successful trader, regardless of which instrument you trade!



Repairing Trades Gone Bad

You enter a trade and watch it turn against you. Like a deer in the headlights, you sit back, watch, wait and hope it comes back in your favor. Learn to be proactive and take control of your positions. Taking a loss should be your last resort but you need to be able to discern whether a trade can be brought back to life or not. We teach how to repair trades gone bad!



Hugh’s Rules to Turn $1k into $100k in 1 Year

This strategy is as valid today as it was in 2011 when I posed this personal challenge to a group: turning $1k into $100k in one year. This e-book reviews specific policies from planning trades to order entry, exits and post trade reviews. We also discuss the crucial mental aspects of trading. There are never any guarantees but venture to increase your chance of success by following these guidelines.



Solid Gold

Get in the right frame of mind and get ready to receive this new found wealth. This e-book talks of the soft side of trading. Know thyself so you can understand and coordinate with the market instead of trading against it. As a bonus, we offer some tips, tricks and traps, any one of which can help you in your trading!



Options Trading: It’s All in Your Head

The e-book is a practical guide to the psychology of trading and how to overcome the obstacles that keep traders from making money. It is a must read for anyone trading SPY options, developed with many years, first hand experience wrestling down fear, greed and ego. Realize the enemy is not the market; it is the person in the mirror!



Hugh’s Quarter Million Dollar Month

This e-book has nothing to do with day trading SPY but rather an review of a seasonal swing trade Hugh did some years ago. In fact, he did this long before discovering the power of SPY yet the setup still seems to present itself every winter. One goes in your tummy, the other in your tank. This is the e-book that solidified options trading for Hugh!



Hugh’s Personal Tales of Trading Triumphs and Tragedies 

This is a collection of some memorable first hand accounts of Head Trader Hugh’s stories in dealing with the many personalities he has had the pleasure of encountering over the years. Some folks stunned their world with amazing successes, went forward to do incredible things with their gains, while others suffered major losses. Lessons can be gleaned from everyone’s foray into the world of options trading. The stories are all true but some of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

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