We recently revamped our intense training programs to better suit everyone involved. We made them shorter in length at only an hour long. We spread them out over a few days. We made them more accessible and affordable. We are even providing them more frequently, especially as markets change.

Everyone should take these courses. The vast knowledge it takes to successfully trade stock options is provided piecemeal so it is easy to digest. While no one can ever guarantee success on the market, I do make this guarantee: you WILL lose your money if you do not know what you are doing with options. No joke. Options trading is not like stock and even if you have decades experience in equities, I guarantee you will lose in the options market if you do not understand it. Factors that affect market price include but are not limited to volatility and time value. Mix them together in limitless configurations and you have a living being, a market that is forever in a state of flux. Trying to maneuver around this animal can be a daunting task. Hence, I stress the importance of mastering your strategy and controlling your emotions.

The best part is, you only need to focus for a limited time. After 50 or 60 trades, your behavior will become a habit, resulting in consistent, profitable trades. Imagine going to the market whenever you want money!

Well, imagine no more. Many people are now doing it… and it starts with our exclusive High Performance Training Course. Get the details on the web site but the best part of the program is the 10 ‘one on one’ sessions with me during live market hours. You will be subject to real live market conditions… real trades, real dollars. Together, you will become a great trader!

Head Trader Hugh

July, 2016

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