Head Trader Hugh Grossman & Day Trade SPY Client Reviews

These are clients who have mentored with Hugh Grossman for the Inner Circle, Training Videos, eBooks, the Ultimate Training Course, Hugh’s Trading Room and the Pick of the Day. 


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thank you so much 

what a great service you have 

so many fakes in this business…

soooo glad i found you 

Nick D.

PA, October, 2019

Enjoyed this afternoon trade room… made about 66%… hope you have one a month or more if possible.

Jim P.

TX, September, 2019

Just thought I’d let you know how I’m doing since our conversation and my purchasing several of your products.

I’m using the Pick of the Day and Inner Circle daily updates.

I recently purchased your Back to School special.

Time I’ve traded your strategy – 15 days

Percent increase in my trading account – 20%

Winners/losers – 11/1

Thank you for your excellent training and strategy.

Bruce R.

TX, August, 2019

… just want to share with you my outcome using your morning analysis… bought $1.16, sold $1.25… puts…  bought $1.09, sold $1.20… calls…  many thanks.

Bernardo R.

Puerto Rico, July, 2019

I’m feeling more and more confident in my approach, staying patient in this hectic market environment. I’m slowly stepping up my risk on trades….  I know I’ll take losses along the way, but I’m confident that now I know how to recover, or even how to repair a trade before it turns into a loss. I have even learned what days don’t feel right for me to trade and I stay away, getting away from that dreaded ‘fear of missing out’ mentality. 

Brian S.

OH, June, 2019

Great trade today… 287 May 31 calls in at 2.01 out at 2.15 Finished by 9.40 am 7% gain… Happy with that… I enjoy the camaraderie in the group… it’s official I’m a trading junkie just like you… Happy Memorial Day weekend to all

Stacey H.

TX, May, 2019

I started April 8th with $5,000 in new Tastyworks account, trading your SPY options only and have doubled my money…Thanks for all your patience and help!!!!!

Jim P.

TX, April, 2019

You will never know how much your emails mean to me…. I was also very touched and impressed with your webinar on the work being done with the kids in the ‘trash dump’. I always felt like you were one of the good guys and now I know for sure. I would normally say “may God bless you” but I know He has and is!!! 

Lamar L.

TX, March, 2019

Thanks Hugh,

You were correct in your initial assessment in that I was very very close to being where I need to be. The trading room has helped a bunch. I paper traded the first 3 days and real money traded yesterday and today, all with predictable (and good) results!

Steve V.

TX, February, 2019

I cannot tell you how much of a weight will be lifted off of me if I can learn this to the point where I would be making a few grand a day… again, many thanks. Really excited to be learning how to do this!

William F.

AL, January, 2019

We have been with you for several years and really like you. We both enjoy your live trading rooms. Your notifications and your trading room picks are very good.

Rebecca C.

TN, December, 2018

… thank you Dale Ann and Alex for being such warm, friendly, caring, responsive and professional people. I knew after my initial brief discussion with Hugh that this training was going to be different, and it really has proven out to be just that!

John J.

Ontario, Canada, November, 2018

Hope this finds you well.  I note from Dale’s emailings that you have a nice run of profitable SPY trades mounting up.  I haven’t touched base with you for awhile, so just wanted to let you know I’m still alive and trading SPY (and still addicted!).

So here are my trades today… Oct 24

Bought SPY Oct 26  272 Put… in at 2.16 and out at 2.80 for a 30% profit.

Bought SPY OCT 26 270 Put… in at 2.29 and out at 2.52 for a 10% profit.

So… 40% profit for the day (both trades before midday) and took the afternoon off.



(Double Digit Daily) Dennis A.

UT, October, 2018

Hugh, thanks for the advice yesterday.  I have NEVER been so excited to lose $25k in my life.  When the news broke about China Tarrifs (200B), the market came down and I sold my puts at market (when it bottomed out).  I went from a $150k unrealized loss to a $25k loss.  LOVE IT!

Just wanted you to thank you for your advice as I was about to sell yesterday and take a much bigger hit.

Steven P.

LA, September, 2018

So far, I’m happy to tell you that I’m making money month after month by following your advise from ‘Inner Circle Access’?.  Unfortunately, I don’t have 25K in my account to trade daily. Having said that , I’m okay so long as my account is growing month after month & with patience, I know one day my account will reach 25K.

Many thanks for sharing your trading experience.

Eugene H.

Singapore, August, 2018

About a month ago, I wrote about having a 7k account and I was taking on too large of a position size. I had a few losing trades after we chatted and the account was under $3,000 at one point. I took your suggestion and only took $1,000 trades…. Because of the smaller trade size I was able to just be patient and take the other trades… At $50-$60 profit a day I plan to have my account up to $10k by the end of December…  Mentally I;’m much calmer which I know helps with trading…   Thanks again.

Tony S.

CT, August, 2018

I am writing today to update you on how pleased I am with your service! My weekly subscription renewed yesterday, so I am two days into my second week of trading. I could not be more pleased with the results! My small account is growing steadily and I am thrilled at the prospects of where it may go in the near future!

Again, thank you, Hugh, for providing such exemplary service!

Patricia O.

CT, July, 2018

 … please don’t stop this service, at least not for a few more years!!! I’ve seen a lot of stuff and listened to a bunch of webinars over the last several years…. I have to put your work at the very top!!

Joe M.

AL, June, 2018

… just got taken out at 2.15 from 1.52 for 41%. Best trade yet! Thanks Hugh!

Dennis L.

Seychelles, May, 2018

I can’t thank you enough… here is my report card:  1/10… 12.3%, 1/11… 14%, 1/12… 13.24%… Wow… this is amazing!  What just happened?! Double digit daily profits… !  no way!

Without any doubt you ARE the BEST guru in this business of teaching people to trade!  🙂

Have a wonderful day!

Michelle W.

CA, January, 2018

Total Profitable Trades to date since starting: 31

Total Unprofitable Trades to date since starting; 0

Thank God I saw your ad in International Living and decided to take your fall course and give this a try. I really feel good about this…

Ron M.

FL, January, 2018

You promised your program would be refreshing in its simplicity. That was exactly what I was looking for and exactly what you delivered… I don’t think most people initially realize that a 6% profit per day is a really big deal, especially if you take advantage of compounding. I only spend a total of about 45 minutes a day and am very happy with the results.

Phil K.

FL, December, 2017

It just seems like you have some secret, esoteric way of divining the market direction.

Whit G.

NC, November, 2017

Today’s session was an excellent training summary, thanks.

Sarah S.

FL, October, 2017

Hugh, thank you so much! Terra and I really enjoyed our meeting and are looking forward to getting started… thank you for taking the time to help and answer questions and for being so approachable. That is rare these days.

Lance M.

AL, August, 2017

Hugh Grossman, I signed up nearly two weeks ago. Started trading along side you and on my own… Mainly my own. Have only one loosing trade and that was when SPY went down on their dividend declaration and the puts stayed neutral. Lost <5%. Other than that, it has been awesome! Average 10% per day. How much fun is this? Thank You Sir!

Duane S.

KS, September, 2017

My goal when I got into this program was ~ $1,000 to $2,000 per month.  I far exceeded that in month one and hope I can continue in the future.

Joe M.

PA, July , 2017

Must say best trading room I have attended…very clear, to the point, not shouting out alerts.. chasing trades. So far you and your product hold up to your word. Glad I found you website.

Dean B.

NC, June , 2017

I am now signed up for the Inner Circle and Wild Weekend of Webinar. I want you to know I did this because I truly have a sense you are trustworthy…. In a conversation I once had with Stephen Covey he described someone who is trustworthy as someone who has Character and Competence. The industry is filled with so many frauds it may one day be the death of the industry.

I made a very good living over 35 years ‘sizing people up’. I would not have given you my money if you had not passed muster…. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE RIDE.

< in another e-mail>

Thanks for the quick response. You continue to validate your authenticity with your superb client service.

< in another e-mail>

Your program is the best I have ever seen and I have unfortunately seen too many of inferior content and higher prices.

< in another e-mail>

Hugh, you are now named and forever will be known as ” The Bhagwan ” oracle of the market. I did exactly as you said, made 7% in 6:33 min.

Kevin C.

NC., April , 2017

I found your site a week ago and found it very interesting! It sounded like what I’ve been looking for.

Jeff J.

FL, March, 2017

I honestly appreciate your help. Have a great week!

Mario V.

Brazil, February, 2017

You guys are awesome, thanks!  <from Live Trading with the Pros>

Naim K.

NJ., January, 2017

Love the service.

Bill P.

TX., November, 2016

These one on one sessions are teaching me so much!

Christine C.

FL., December, 2016

Just to let you know, I have been on a roll since August 1st. <now Oct. 31> I have made every trade from August 1 to today, and I have all winners. My friends think I’m making all this up. Thanks.

Al L.

AL, October, 2016

… every time I dropped into an insecure and “failing” couldn’t-trade-successfully-for-my-life moment, or days or sometimes even for weeks, I went back into your teaching, and it put me back almost immediately into a trading-successfully-capable state of mind.  I’m serious, Hugh, your “stuff” works.

James M.

AZ, September, 2016

Just fooling around with it today and picked up about 285 doing at the money options for next week’s expiration. If only every day was like this!

Donna T.

ON, Canada, March, 2016

Thank you for the kind, informative and supportive feedback.

Jed V.

MA, May, 2016

5 for 5 this week, keep them coming… you guys are awesome… thank you Dale… great first impression!

John S.

VA, August, 2016

Honestly this is a must say about how great your performance and helping your members.

Abdullah A.

Dubai, UAE, July, 2016

Really proud of what you both have accomplished!

Les P.

ON, June, 2016

Thanks for your candid approach. I like that.

Keven H.

UK, April, 2016

Thanks Hugh Grossman, so easy doing business with you. I had an excellent week of paper trading. Love your system.

Jim W.

VA, March, 2016

Thanks for the excellent trading service.

Loren B.

OH, October, 2015

13 Green  trades in a row now, sir, all thanks to the Launch Pad 🙂     Up ~ $1,300 for the day right now… totally happy with my $3,800 for the week… thanks for letting me join your team!

Charlie M.

AZ, February, 2016

Been with  you guys for two days only and thought I would share results from the Launch Pad for me to date <screen shot of two winning trades> … If this is the way things continue then this is truly life changing.

Anthony C.

Australia, September, 2015

I do trust, believe and like your down to earth game plan.

Jas D.

CA, December, 2015

I am so grateful to have you as a Mentor. I completely trust your judgment and expertise. But more than that, I can feel how much you care. That’s rare in this business..

Tina G.

MD November, 2015

I am excited about your program.

Linda L.

TX, March, 2015

Two trades today both 211 puts. One 5.9% and one for 6%. Total 11.9% for the day… Thanks for all you do.

Rick G.

TX, July, 2015

You’ve been most helpful in steering me in the right direction to learn and be more disciplined as a trader. For that I am deeply grateful to you in your sincerity to help guide people to become more financially independent.

Ali U.

NY, August, 2015

The light dawned with me in the money and out of the money options…   Your session was very informative.


FL, June , 2015

Last week, at the end of the day Thursday my account was at about $3,600 and showing a loss, again due to dumb mistakes.  In five trading days (I closed all positions for the day), my account is now $16,648!!!


IL, April, 2015

…my quickest day yet… out at 9:30:21… done for the day…  48%

John B.

Ontario, Canada, May, 2015

Hugh, since I have learned your buying method of keeping the cost down, I only made money. Thank you so much.

Lee B.

TX, February, 2015

… thanks for doing this webinar… very encouraging.

Jed V.

MA, January, 2015

You called it again!
*in reference to a winner of 64% profit on SPY calls*
Greg S.

MD, December, 2014

Great hour last night. Very informative. I learn all the time from every presentation and webinar. You are a great teacher and leader. Thx.


ME, October, 2014

I love the live trading sessions. Obviously I can’t speak for everyone but the calm and decisive decisions that you and Burt make put me at ease this morning despite a somewhat tumultuous market.

Chris S.

ME, August, 2014

Your service has been nothing short of exceptional! I will be back as soon as my schedule allows me.

Jason C.

WI, October, 2014

I just finished listening to Mujahid’s guest spot on your presentation… very educational… finding your course is finally like the light at the end of the tunnel, and I can rest a little now.

James M.

AZ, November, 2014

“…total profit of 56% for the day”….  Sept. 17
“…total profit of 15% for the day”…  Sept. 19
“…single trade today… 10% profit”… Sept 22
“…total profit of 72% for the day”…  Sept. 25
“…an 8% profit for my only trade today”…  Sept. 29
*Editor’s Note: This is but a sampling… Dennis sends me his results daily*
Dennis A.

UT, September, 2014

Since our last one on one session and being with the trade room, attached is a stat sheet of my 50 live trades over the last 40 days.

I find that when I stick to the daily trade plan – things work out.

Taking positions for no reason (i.e. feeling like something might happen over the next two weeks) doesn’t seem to work for me.  Logging everything helps too.  I just wanted to share my progress with you.

Anyway, thank you for all your support and help in helping me keep on track and FINALLY see some progress with my trading…

Kamila Z.

ON, November, 2019

I have 102 out of 104 successful trades….

Phil T.

MI, October, 2019

I love all the great work you’ve done and appreciate the help you have given me. You might have noticed that I bought a bunch more of your ebooks…. I want to hit this hard. 

Brian H.

UK, August, 2019

… made a coupe of 6% trades for a nice profit!… also made just under $700 for the week in my self-directed IRA… Have a great weekend!

Alan G.

CA, July, 2019

I just want to say I have enjoyed my first trading room… <and> your classes/training….   I was able to copy your 6% trade, and even though I had to set a higher price, I was filled about an hour after the webinar… many thanks and well done; I understand why you have  been successful for ten years.  

Phil H.

Ireland, June, 2019

Thanks for excellent training, your instructions is really helping me… results of the drills are pleasantly surprising. 

Vicente A.

TX, May, 2019

Great call this morning, now you know why I call you the Bhagwan (A guru or revered person – often used as a proper name or form of address). 

You are the best !!!!

Eric S.

PA, April, 2019

I Love your analysis(s) Alex. They are always straight forward and pragmatic. I also like your consistent check list type of advice regarding EMA’s and MACD etc. As a former pilot I had a checklist that I went through each and every time before take off. I view trading like flying, the similarities are amazing !

You are a great addition to Hugh’s team !

Kevin C.

NC, March, 2019

I am very pleased with the way you are conducting the 100k Club… I like the conservative way you trade and show patience. I am already learning from you that yours is the better way… I have been trading on and off for many years.and still trading at 86. DayTradeSPY is by far the best I have found. It is relatively simple and consistent. I know I will learn how to be a better trader from participating with you in the 100k Club. Hugh Grossman is lucky to have you on board. Thanks again for doing this

Phil K.

FL, February, 2019

Thank you for you guidance and support.  You have been a good mentor and a great teacher. I would like to have a conversation with you about scalping. Day Trade Spy has provided a great abundance of very useful information. I love it!

Ron C.

CA, January, 2019

Thanks for making this possible!   (BME medal from the Queen of England and Prince Charles for work with street kids in Guatemala)

Darold O.

SD, December, 2018

Thanks again for this opportunity and for what you do! What you provide is unlike anything I’ve ever signed up for… and trust me, I’ve spent 10’s of thousands on various financial services and “Guru’s” over the years. None of them are even close to what you provide. I’ll pay all day long for this kind of service! Keep it up!

Rob F.

SD, November, 2018

I watched the OMG video several times, took notes, made a spreadsheet checklist.

Today I was able to place my first simulated trade using the info. In and out in just a few minutes 6% profit.

This is VERY exciting…. thank you so much for making this available!  This is going to make such a difference in my life.

Susan L.

TX, October, 2018

In the month of August, the return on my account balance was a little over 200% but I’m always striving to get better. I deliver mail for the Post Office and it’s a trip trying to deliver and watch my ThinkorSwim on my phone but so far it’s working. I give all the credit to you.

Brian C.

CT, September, 2018

It’s been over 7 years since I took your “Double Your Money” course and coaching calls. Over the years, I have yet to find a more powerful method (for my personality) than what you taught me and I am so glad to see that you are standing the test of time. Please don’t ask me why I got to a certain level of success, dropped it, and started looking for something else! But after reading your kindle book, I know I’m not the only one..lol!

Jay H.

TX, July, 2018

I’m so anxious to get started, thanks for your help, and thanks for responding, that assures me that I can rely on your company, to mentor me, until I can stand on my own.

Thank you so much Hugh!

Frank R.

NY, June, 2018

 You have helped me clarify my reading of charts, including e-mini futures, and I have not had a losing options trade in the past 2 months. Results like yesterday, see attached, are common. And like you my Friday options that I held beyond closing made me a nice profit Monday. Thank you again for your help.

Alan U.

FL, May, 2018

Thanks again for all you do. I believe you are providing a way for the transfer of wealth to happen for believers and know in my gut that you are both believers.

Debbie H.

MI, April, 2018


<reporting 6% by 9:32 am, 10% by 9:38 am, 6% by 9:40 am  and another 10% by 9:52 am on April 6/18>

After 4 days of successful paper trading I’m definitely becoming a believer that I’ve finally found something I can supplement my retirement rather than going out and trying to find a part time job.  And this is during a more volatile period and with completing only a portion of the Ultimate Training Course.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

John J.

Ontario, Canada, April, 2018

Hugh Grossman, I was fortunate as I averaged and waited out the 272C for March 9 to hit and it just sold. Whew!

Thank you, Hugh. Much appreciated and also your quick responses. Wonderful.

Mike S.

WA, March, 2018

Hugh, I had the pleasure of visiting Honduras recently. My wife and I with your help at DayTradeSPY have invested in a high school nursing program that will revolutionize healthcare in the country.

Thanks again for not only helping individuals but impacting a country!

Darold O.

SD, March, 2018

I’m simply amazed at how you trade (having seen you a few times now). I think your system and approach to trading is terrific. I know this is for me.I’ll be getting the training materials shortly and can’t wait to hone my skills as a trader. Thank you for what you do for us.

Jacob B.

OH, February, 2018

That was another 6% for me today. I love these Live Trading sessions. I am a visual person so being able to see you in action and follow along has been a big help to me. Plus I am really learning a lot in terms of the live charting during the trading. Really appreciate the training and the mentorship.

Dennis S.

FL, February, 2018

… I know the bigger picture looks positive. Almost all of the wins were day trades, none held overnight. This record FAR EXCEEDS anything else I did in trading in the past.

Keith T.

CA, December, 2017

Thank you for being a class act, Hugh. I sincerely enjoy you and your program and am committed to its success. I started the plan with 70,000 and built it up to 174,000 in 8 weeks as a complete rookie… I really enjoy learning the ‘trade’ of trading. Thank you.

Bob. S

PA, July , 2017

Thank you for being a class act. I sincerely enjoy you and your program and am committed to its success. I started the plan with 70,000 and built it up to 174,000 in 8 weeks as a complete rookie… I really enjoy learning the ‘trade’ of trading. Thank you.

Bob. S

PA, July , 2017

… no one works harder than you and Dale in helping your subscribers make money!!!  You both clearly: WALK THE WALK AND TALK THE TALK. Your new web site is GREAT

Richard B.

CO., October, 2016

I feel more confident to understand your trading strategies completely… I am glad to have spoken to you.

Wee T. H.

Malaysia, April, 2016

Hugh, I love this sh*t. Following your direction, I have only had 1 losing trade to date… because I made a mistake. Today I sold 3 calls this morning… for a 40% profit, then bought and sold 3 puts for a 14% profit… just wanted to say thank you! I finally found a trading plan that works for me.

Joe S.

FL, November, 2017

Awesome, you guys are the best. Thank so much!

Phil S.

NJ, October, 2017

love your integrity

<responding to the fact I scheduled another session when there was an issue with getting online with GoToWebinar>

Noah Z.

CA, September, 2017

I am only through a handful of videos so far, but just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to put my toe in the water with a 10 lot paper trade call that was sold for $1120 profit during my very first option trade today.

Thanks for making everything so clear and easy to follow

Kevin P.

FL, August, 2017

Just wanted to congratulate you on your 7 yr anniversary. Just like before, things are going well with my SPY trading.. today so far I have 37% in profits with 3 put trades and 1 call trade… I have the greatest respect for you, Bob and Burt and your program…. people don’t believe you when you mention the profitability of day trading SPY. There have been several instances when people ask me what I do in the markets. When I tell them, they either walk away in disbelief or quickly change the subject. Makes me feel like Rodney Dangerfield… “Don’t get no respect!”

Dennis A.

UT., May , 2017

I felt all along there is no way I can survive this summer in the market without you. It gets a little tough when that liquidity drops to nothing. They say most of the traders lose their money in the summer time, like a bunch of salivating dogs in there fighting for a piece of meat…

Michael L.

TX, June , 2017

This is so much more enjoyable and less stressful than swing trading and cr spreads. No overnight risk and even only a few minutes to few hours risk and then you are done. You are brilliant Hugh for figuring this out!

… Thanks again for your Servant/Teacher’s Heart Hugh!

Lisha E.

TX., May , 2017

I want to take this time and say thank you!… I was in the trade for a whole 2 minutes and 30 seconds lol <made 8%>.. I have already gained a lot of knowledge from JUST one of your ebooks… I felt confident in the trade, something I have never felt before… I am just so thankful for making the decision to finally buy into your service, a small part of your service at that! I am extremely excited for this. THANK YOU AGAIN!

Jhovany R.

NM, April , 2017

Awesome, thanks Hugh! I thought you did a great job…

Tom Sosnoff

IL, March, 2017

Just sold my 229 puts from Friday – 86% profit. Finally a good trade.   <from Hugh’s Trading Room>

Ron R.

NV., January, 2017

… I am extremely aggressive at pursuing your program. It’s the best and most sensible one I’ve found.

Mark F.

MI, February, 2017

…  your tips and little tidbits in those weekly seminars are priceless Hugh!

John H.

KY., December, 2016

I was in Hugh’s Live Trading yesterday… it was amazing… the education was incredible.

Davis M.

ME., November, 2016

Thanks so much for the quick reply, and you were correct… Divine intervention plus your guidance make for a great combination. I can’t thank you enough.

<Editor’s Note: Over $500,000 was at stake on this trade!>

Rich H.

MO, January, 2016

Thanks Hugh for being a class guy and giving me those trades.

Dave W.

FL, September, 2016

I can’t thank you enough for helping me pull a 20% on dying options.

Mahipal R.

AL, August, 2016

Your knowledge is beyond words, matched by your patience with the members questions and your positive attitude.. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!

William W.

FL, July, 2016

Thank you for the experience. To say the least, it was eye opening.

Robert V.

PA, June, 2016

As a current Launch Pad subscriber, I have been very satisfied to say the least with the results.

Loren B.

NJ, May, 2016

I’m so glad I stumbled on to you by accident that night! Your teachings are the best I have found!

John H.

KY, September, 2015

I’ve attended a couple of your webinars and have always found them intriguing in terms of potential to change my families financial situation….   I think you have a very powerful trading strategy.

Ross Q.

TX, August, 2015

Talking  with Hugh was very helpful. He is a wizard of trading and I am a believer.

Thomas P.

MT, February, 2016

I am very happy to have gotten back into trading with you and your colleagues.

Jim W.

RI, December, 2015

Dear Hugh: Thank you very much!! You are a wonderful person, great coach and good friend.

Richard P.

CO, November, 2015

I enjoy the witty and humorous banter between you and your colleagues on the Live Trading sessions.


NJ, June, 2015

When I told Jimmie what I would like to earn he laughed and said I won’t be happy with that a day when I really learn this. I thought he was full of sh–, but hoped he might not be. To date I have greatly exceeded my expectations and I really don’t know what I am doing yet… If this continues our retirement outlook just got brighter. Thank you.

John W.

OH, October, 2015

You guys are a class act and have a good product.

Tom L.

WI, December, 2014

I have started trading and so far so good.

Isaac A.

NY, July, 2015

Got 9.1% from the Launch Pad this morning on the 206 puts. Then picked up 10.8% on ABX from the Batters Box. Done for the day!


CO, April, 2015

You are not only great at trading but also customer service. Thanks for the quick response… you made a ‘”killing’ today… congratulations on the superb job!


CO, May, 2015

… hearty congratulations on the 209.50 calls… I am amazed at the whole process… hats off to you… it’s a teachable moment for ppl like me.

Mahipal R.

AL, March, 2015

Every time I listen to the webinars and read the books I learn something new.

Hans G.

SD, February, 2015

Your investing seems simple rand to the point and different. I have limited funds to invest now and can REALLY use your help!!

Mike G.

January, 2015

… always recall you are a stand up guy… good to see you back on!  Your honesty and humility set you apart from the many charlatans in this industry.


VA, September, 2014

… and many, many more!

Head Trader Hugh

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