Markets have been bullish since the presidential election, mostly due to the positive energy President-elect Trump brings to the American people. For the first time in eight years, we see hope, not just empty words but the new Administration is already working hard to bring jobs back. Carrier, Ford, and a host of other companies are reconsidering their job creation efforts overseas. This very optimism has raised markets with the DOW tickling the 20,000 mark. Trump is a game changer, reviewing and redefining everything. The status quo no longer works. Even the way he delivers news is revolutionary as he bypasses mainstream media with his prolific use of Twitter.

Not to get too caught up in the frenzy, markets generally rise with the transfer of power to a new president for about 2 weeks after the inauguration. Watch for a reversal at that time, once the honeymoon stage is over. Will it happen this time? Frankly, it’s anyone’s guess as President Trump will assert his power on the world stage. Either way, I am feeling very optimistic for 2017.

I wish everyone a very prosperous New Year!


January, 2017

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