When I close my eyes and envision my “happy place,” I see a deserted white sandy beach, blue waters and cliffs full of foliage emerging out of the water in the distance. Little did I know that my imaginary place had a name – Thailand.

I first packed up my life and moved across the planet to Thailand in order to teach English. Although this was a well respected profession in Thailand – even getting a thumbs up from the Thai customs officers upon arrival – I found it to be less rewarding than expected. Both in job satisfaction and monetarily. My salary allowed me to travel around South East Asia, but on a backpackers budget. The hostel life is a great experience and I made many friends travelling the backpacker lifestyle, but I found myself craving these beautiful, Instagram worthy resorts and views.

How can I live in paradise to the fullest?

The answer: stock option trading. All you need is an Internet connection and a love for money. I trained with a school called Day Trade SPY and I’ve never looked back. Head trader, Hugh taught me everything I need to know in order to trade successfully. I started with $1000 and made 5% with his diligent strategy… and math is not my strong suit.

I found myself trading every week night from 9pm to about 11pm or 12am, since Thailand is about an eleven to twelve hour time difference. It was perfect. I could still enjoy teaching during the day, which would cover my daily expenses and trade at night, allowing me to save in order to travel in style.

After my teaching contract ended, I spent the majority of my travel time island hopping. I visited the most popular and the most remote beaches in Thailand and Indonesia, staying in the nicest beach side resorts that I could find. I laid out on the beach during the day, and traded stock options at night. And I loved the concept of getting in and out of a trade within a couple hours.

Thanks to Day Trade SPY, trading stock options gave me the freedom to live the Instagram worthy lifestyle I had always dreamed of.


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