Then I would say, “Hold onto your money.”

I often get the question, “Which e-book or video would you recommend if I could only buy one?” Truth is, all our products and services are best absorbed together as part of the whole training program. Like the cogs of a wheel, you really need them all to run smoothly. We have designed our program to be efficient and cost effective with the engagement of all our facilities. Do not think that you will be able to simply read one or two books or view a brief video to obtain all the knowledge to become a successful trader, despite what some trading schools may tell you. Fact is, true long term success in this business is a long process. You need to experience many facets of trading, the emotions and disciplines required to competently apply the required skill.

Only by truly engaging our training in a long term fashion will you acquire the necessary tools to execute confident trades, from knowing when to enter, acting on the indicators, exercising patience and knowing when and how to exit. So in answer to the burning question, the answer is to wait until you are well heeled to cover the true cost of your education. That includes the hard costs of training, which should include time in the Trading Room as well as course material and seed money for trading. You should also include contingency funds for when trades go south. Yes, it happens. Yes, sh*t happens.

We at DayTrade SPY do not mince words. We do not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. If I feel you will be challenged in trading profitably, I won’t hesitate to tell you. Many other stock trading schools, I’m sure, would love to take your money but our goal is to make you into great traders. If you’re satisfied, so are we, which is likely why we’ve been in business for so long.

Bottom line: budget for the following: a good computer with fast, reliable Internet. Set several thousand dollars aside for training. Seed money and contingencies… a total of $20-25,000 should be your up front investment in your new found business. If you’re serious, you will find the funds. There is no other business that I know of, that can return the massive gains on such an investment as trading options. $25k won’t touch a franchise or even a mom and pop corner store, yet it could turn into a healthy income stream for an astute trader.

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Hugh W. Grossman, Head Trader at Day Trade SPY.


Hugh Grossman is the founder and Head Trader at DayTradeSPY and uses his vast experience to teach his methods to make consistent daily gains trading SPY options. Join Hugh in his interactive Trading Room to see how he regularly pulls in the profits!

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