I am sometimes asked this question from prospects looking for more data on our results. Presumably, they’re looking to use our services but need more information.

The reason we use a 30 day rotating Recent Results (Pick of the Day and Launch Pad) is because we constantly monitor and tweak our programs to stay current with market changes, however small they may be. The programs or software we use now may not be the same as it as a year ago, 6 months or perhaps even 35 days ago; hence it would be unrealistic and unfair to assess a program based on old data. Not to say we were not successful back then, we were very much so. It’s always best to compare apples to apples, not oranges, as they say.  So, like an exponential moving average, the more current the data is, the more relevant.

Successful trading is about making and acting upon decisions. We like to see traders determine the value of our services based on what we are doing now, not so much what we did a long, long time ago. If they see the benefit, they should be able to quickly determine if our style is for them, then act on it. Someone coined this as just one more ‘filtering process’ in getting the right fit top notch traders to join us… well put!

Hugh Grossman, Head Trader at Day Trade SPY.



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