… if you undertake just one new project every year!

A gentleman I spoke with recently, Stan, talked about something he had started in his ’20’s. He explained that his schooling was just the start of his education and after earning his degree, he returned to school for special interest courses. Life carried on but he made a point of leaning one new thing every year.

After a number of years, he has fulfilled his dreams, even checked off some items on his bucket list with mastering how to operate heavy equipment, fix small engines, learn to do his own income taxes and gourmet cooking. He’s experienced drama classes, tall ships and martial arts. Every year, he embarks on a new special interest course, such as learning to drive a transport truck, wine tasting and archery. He’s taken flying lessons, returned the following year for his night rating and instrument rating the year after. Stan is a very well rounded individual who can do many things but his main purpose is to stay mentally astute and, of course, simply enjoy all life has to offer.

He’s approached me to take lessons in day trading SPY options, a project he feels will be most beneficial not only from cultivating his mental alertness but the obvious financial rewards. Now in his 60’s, Stan know a lot of things. He’s climbed mountains and trekked through jungles. He talks like someone well traveled and insightful in many areas. I will take his cue and suggest that we all could benefit from engaging in one new, major undertaking every year.

This year, consider day trading SPY options to be your project of choice. The skill set gleaned from this course can be applied to your own portfolio and better yet, taught to your children/grand children. Our Ultimate Training Course brings you the full collection of Hugh’s Performance Training videos and the entire library of e-books. Review this material, then apply the knowledge in the Trading Room, all part of the course. Imagine the possibilities!

Hugh Grossman, Head Trader at Day Trade SPY.


Hugh Grossman is the founder and Head Trader at DayTradeSPY and uses his vast experience to teach his methods to make consistent daily gains trading SPY options. Join Hugh in his interactive Trading Room to see how he regularly pulls in the profits!

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