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It is now common to have several careers in a lifetime. Even with a university degree, there is no job security. Now is the time to seize control of your own financial future and take matters into your own hands. Become the master of a specialized trading system, enabling you to earn money at will from the stock market. Day trade SPY options. Nothing is more liberating!


We have traded equities, struggled with currencies and looked at futures, but nothing compares to stock options. This is the fastest growing financial trading tool, once exclusive only to the institutions, now readily available to retail traders. Options provide stunning trading leverage while controlling risk. Given the inherent risk, you need to learn before you can earn. You are in the right place with us!


We have you covered on both sides. View our morning trades through either our pre-opening bell Daily Pick or our exclusive Inner Circle Morning Proposed Trade. If you concur, follow along and learn to earn. Conversely, master the mechanics of our strategy and pick your own positions. Both are effective, economical methods to make serious money in the market.


Just starting out? The Inner Circle is an easy way to ‘get your feet wet’. See what Trader Hugh considers trading daily. If, however, you want to truly understand the mechanics behind the numbers and become at one with the market, the Ultimate Package is the full training program. Become an expert trader. Our results are self-evident.


We have been where you are, recalling the stress and expense of it all. Most traders run out of money and fail within the first year. We work with you in becoming proficient for long-term financial success. No complex methodologies or high risk trades, just a simple formula that seems to work well for us. Together with superior client service, we aim to be your perfect fit


We do not overwhelm you with useless information or lock you into a long-term financial commitment. Our products and services are well priced for you to get engaged and make money quickly. You will know very soon, and at a small cost, if our program is for you or not. We believe training is a two way street and therefore, respect your time and money the same way we would want to be treated.


Try us out. Most traders ‘get in the loop’ with the Inner Circle, later trying our other programs. Our training fast tracks you to success, teaching only what is required to make money quickly, consistently and confidently. Subscribe to our Trading Room or daily pick programs and watch your account flourish. The more you engage with us, the better trader you will be!


TAKE THE NEXT STEP: Independent Investigation

We recognize that you are intelligent enough to do your own independent investigation into our validity. Simply put, if you want to find out about us, talk to us. We tell it like it is. Honestly.

We suggest the following:

  1. peruse this web site; see if you concur with our ‘simple, modest, regular gains’ philosophy
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Most folks recognize the value and immediately subscribe to the Inner Circle.  

We guide you through the complexities of options. Trading is very empowering. Expect a lifestyle change!

You now have 3 choices:

– do nothing and continue on your current path, hoping for success,

– keep spending money on other programs hoping someone will provide you with the crystal ball, or

– recognize that it is YOU who needs to become the expert and hasten your journey with us!

Either way, thank you for your interest and we wish you the best in trading!

“If you want what I have, you gotta do what I do!”       ~ Hugh

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Unsolicited Reviews

Just to keep you up to date… a SPY day trader’s perfect type of day… total of 59.5% profit for the day. It’s now noon in Salt Lake City so I’m going to go work out and have lunch.

(Dble Digit Daily) Dennis A., UT. Nov./18

I like the e-mail!!!!!   Thanks for asking!

Darold O., SD, November/18

Emailing our the Inner Circle thoughts is wonderful. It saves me time and I can also keep better records. Keep up the great work at DTS.

Steve S., PA, November/18

Thank you. I really enjoyed the 3 Entries e-book. Finally I feel like I am getting somewhere with trading. Book is simple and to the point. 

Krishna M., MA, November/18

I am really excited!… I had 3 winning trades including the 11/23 274 calls repair from the 14th.

Dale L., CO, November/18

I’m so thankful you encourage discipline… so people can learn from the mistakes both you and others made when starting your own journey… Overall, this has been a great experience and I’ve enjoyed the short journey… Cheers to hopefully a new way of life!

Rob F., SD. November/18

I enjoyed the webinar from Hugh earlier in the week. It was worth the time. Also I think some of the enhancements made lately are good. Your ideas are on the mark. Thanks for your help.

DJ, AL. November/18

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